​Huawei Watch 3 gets gesture controls in new update

​Huawei Watch 3 gets gesture controls in new update

Huawei has announced that it’s adding gesture controls to the Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro.

The announcement in China will mean that users can control elements of the flagship smartwatch with their hands. And one of these gestures has already rolled out.

The gestures will include raising a wrist to launch AliPay, and making a fist will allow users to accept a phone call.

And finally, if a call is incoming, you can turn your wrist over to silence and reject it. That one has already rolled out globally, and is listed in documentation for the update which was launched in recent weeks.

Huawei has also confirmed that these won’t be default settings. They will need to be enabled manually, which can be done via the Accessibility menu.

The gesture controls are similar to elements Assistive Touch for Apple Watch, which was released as part of watchOS 8 and announced for users with upper limb differences.

The Apple Assistive Touch used gestures for key features, but also let users summon an on-watch cursor, which negated the need to use the touchscreen. While these gestures don’t go that far, these are still useful additions, and can be used by general users – not those who find using a smartwatch difficult for physical reasons.

We also don’t know whether the remaining gestures will be released – or if they will make it out of China. We’re guessing the smart payments one will stay as China-only for the foreseeable.

But there are plenty more good additions, as part of the update.

The Ultra-long battery mode has been added to the control center, so it’s more easily accessed. There are also nine new watch faces added for the ultra long battery mode, where there was only one at launch.

You can now add DIY video watch faces (for Android users only) and voice notifications for sports modes have also been added.

Music storage has finally been enabled – and the Nordic walking sport profile will now track SpO2 alongside other data.

The update is available now.