From a distance, Samsung is able to block a stolen TV!

Samsung’s connected TVs include a remote blocking feature. Built-in by default, it has just been used for the first time in South Africa after a looting in a warehouse.

We don’t know it, but Samsung has integrated a TV Block function inside its televisions, and it was recently activated in South Africa after the theft of several Samsung TVs from a company warehouse. This of course concerns the brand’s connected TVs, and Samsung claims that this technology is present on all its TVs. Except that it is not activated by default.

For now, Samsung triggered it in South Africa because it was a large-scale theft during protests and looting in mid-July, and remotely, so the manufacturer was able to block the use of its TVs. How did they do it? Simply by Internet since they are connected TVs. If the thief or the reciever plugs the TV, Samsung recovers the serial number, and compares it to the list of serial numbers of stolen devices, and if there is a match, all the features of the TV are blocked.

Soon on smartphones?

For now, this concerns a large-scale theft, and Samsung does not say if it is able to block a TV stolen from a private home. One thing is certain, the manufacturer specifies that only a valid proof of purchase can avoid any blocking of his TV. Clearly, if you want to unblock a TV, blocked by mistake, you must contact Samsung and bring the receipt or the purchase invoice.

Will this function be generalized to all Samsung products and activated more often? The answer from an executive suggests that “this technology can have a positive impact now and will also be useful to both the industry and customers in the future”.